Felipe Aristizabal
Since July 2015.
Micromachining setup


Damon Aboud
Since May 2012.
Oblique drop impacts on superhydrophobic surfaces

Sanchari Biswas
Since January 2015.
An investigation of surface structure created by laser micromachining

Abhi Ghosh
Since September 2015.
Femtosecond laser micro-machining for applications in additive manufacturing of metals

Nithin Joy
Since September 2018.
Fabrication of superomniphobic surfaces

Michael Wood
Since May 2017.
An experimental study of robust icephobicity

Danjie Zhu
Since September 2018.
Wetting behaviors on polymers


Jyothirmai Kalava
Since January 2018.
Nanoparticle collection during fs-laser machining

Yassin Vancolen
Since September 2018.
Injection molding with laser-micromachined molds to fabricate biomimetic flow enhancing polymer parts


Neath Nguon
Since September 2018
Droplet levitation

Former group members

K. M. Tanvir Ahmmed (Post-Doc, Ph.D.)

Marianneza Chatzipetrou (Post-Doc)

Sara Moghtadernejad (Post-Doc)

Maryam Farshandi (Ph.D.)

Adya Karthikeyan (Ph.D.)

Jorge Lehr (Ph.D.)

Edwin Ling (Ph.D.)

Oph̩élie Raimbault (Ph.D. research intern)

Mohammad Bajammal (M.Eng.)

Guillaume Forstmann (M.Eng.)

Eden Liang (M.Eng.)

Luke Matus (M.Eng.)

Adeola Odusanya (M.Eng.)

Steven Paolasini (M.Eng., Undergrad research intern)

Anjishnu Sarkar (M.Eng.)

Eliana Traverso (M.Eng.)

Elizabeth Ninglin Xi (M.Eng.)

Soseh Zadoorian (M.Eng.)

Karim Azar (Undergrad research intern)

Colin Grambow (Undergrad research intern)

Shruthilaya Jaganathan (Undergrad research intern)

Stephan Kaczmarz (Undergrad research trainee)

Ulysse Lach̻ne (Undergrad research intern)

Julian Montagut (Undergrad research intern)

Christian Patience (Undergrad research intern)

Edouard Qu̩rel (Undergrad research trainee)

Joyontee Ray (Undergrad research intern)

Martin Roy (Undergrad research intern)

Julien Said (Undergrad research trainee)

Usman Shahid (Undergrad research intern)

ZiJun Wang (Undergrad research intern)

Beatrice White (Undergrad research intern)

Mark Zhao (Undergraduate)


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