CHEE 200 - Chemical Engineering Principles 1

Chemical Engineering : Introduction to the design of industrial processes. Survey of unit operations, and systems of units. Elementary material balances, first and second laws of thermodynamics, use of property tables and charts, steady flow processes. Relationships between thermodynamic properties, property estimation techniques. Laboratory and design exercise.

CHEE 423 - Chemical Reaction Engineering

The objectives of this course are to familiarize student with concepts, principles and terminology of chemical reaction engineering and closely related subjects (e.g. mixing, chemical kinetics). To predict performance (Conversion, Selectivity, Yield) of different types of reactors for homogeneous reactions: for given feed, kinetics and operating conditions. To design calculations and specifications of reactor type, volume and operating conditions to achieve specified conversion or selectivity. And finally, to study the influence of such complications as reversible reaction, volume change due to reaction, pressure drop, and non-ideal mixing on reactor design and performance.

CHEE 484 - Materials Engineering

Chemical Engineering: Processes for forming and producing engineering materials such as amorphous, semicrystalline, textured and crystal-oriented substances and composites. Effect of processing variables on the properties of the finished article. Process of blending and alloying. Shaping and joining operations. Vessel equipment design for chemical engineering applications.

CHEE 515 - Interface Design: Biomimetic Approach

Chemical Engineering : Investigation of the factors that cause biological surfaces to have superb functionalities; chemical and physical concepts responsible for the respective interfacial phenomena, such as surface tension, thermodynamics, kinetics, electrical double layers, surface wetting, adhesion and structural coloration; comparison of nature's solutions to engineering problems with synthetic approaches.


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