About Anne-Marie Kietzig

Anne Kietzig (Photo: Antonella Fratino)

(Photo: Antonella Fratino)

Areas of Interest

My research program is built on two fundamental pillars: one being liquid-solid and the other being light-matter interactions. Specific research projects target specifically at least one of the following aspects: (a) to investigate how femtosecond laser pulses influence the surface chemistry of materials, (b) to contribute a fundamental understanding of the physical phenomena governing interfacial phenomena and (c) to use a femtosecond laser system for various applications as a high precision, microfabrication technique, which allows the fabrication of surface structures on two length scales (on the micro- and nanometer scale) in one process step.

This last characteristic is especially important in biomimetic studies, since many interesting functionalities of natural surfaces can be traced back to one common feature: a surface structure on several length scales. With regard to actual engineering applications the efforts focus on tailoring adhesion, drag or friction on various surfaces.

The laboratories experimental infrastructure includes:

  • 2 femtosecond laser systems with 5 axis machining platform and reaction chambers
  • 3D printer
  • 360 degree contact angle goniometer
  • flow channel
  • high-speed oblique drop impact apparatus
  • ice adhesion test rig
  • hot press mold


Dept of Chemical Engineering
McGill University
M.H.Wong Building
3610 University Street,
Montreal, Quebec H3A 2B2